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See How Mike Conville’s Beacon Construction Delivers the Beyond Remarkable in Every Luxury Construction Project

Since his start in 1986, Mike Conville has maintained a reputation for excellence befitting of the luxury homes he builds.

Based in the South Florida town of North Palm Beach, Mr. Conville’s projects tend to emphasize the sophisticated and festive lifestyle that is common to the area’s residents — each includes careful attention to indoor entertaining and comforts along with luxurious outdoor spaces.

Take this reside, for example. From the front, the home offers a welcoming-yet-reserved appeal that doesn’t give away the lavish appointments inside and around back. It is once you’ve entered the home and begun exploring its many rooms and outdoor aspects that you get a sense of the true grandeur of the house and its grounds.

For Beacon Construction Group, Luxury is in the Details

Inside, you’ll notice open livings spaces and sailing ceilings that are perfect for entertaining, and the bar set into the living room wall certainly supports the celebratory atmosphere. Fireplaces add a homey, comforting feel to the rooms, while expansive windows give even more sense of openness, providing lovely views of the grounds (which we will get to in a moment). The kitchen is also roomy and modern, boasting plenty of counter and cabinet space – perfect for cooking for a large family or any number of party guests. Even the hallways provide a sense of space and perspective. And while the décor certainly has an uncluttered, minimalist quality, there is also plenty of opportunity for hanging art pieces of all different sizes – even if they happen to be enormous.

Outside, you get a sense that this home was created distinctly for the exciting southern Florida lifestyle. Water and palm trees are the predominant features, with a gorgeous pool not only situated as the main focus of the backyard, but actually extending between structures and into the house itself to provide an almost lagoon-like appeal. Stepping stones give the pool a playful element, while carefully placed lighting provides it with an electric vibrance at night.

Around the pool, you’ll find plenty of outdoor seating areas, whether you are seeking to lay out on the chaise lounges to take in a bit of sun, or one of the more communal sitting spaces that are covered to provide comfort when the sun gets to be too hot or the rain sweeps in. Whatever the weather happens to be, the residence is equipped for indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

Michael Conville

Your Dream South Florida Lifestyle, Delivered in Every Michael Conville and Beacon Construction Build 

Michael Conville

While columns, palm trees, marble materials, and wooden flooring (in some rooms) all combine to provide an aesthetic that brings to mind classic Floridian architecture, the home’s clean angles, glass, metal, and concrete elements, and carefully considered lighting all deliver a decidedly contemporary feel. Suffice to say that this residence offers the perfect fusion of vintage and modern Florida.

As Mike Conville has explained of his company’s mission, “We specialize in high end, luxury construction and remodels that consistently exceed our client’s expectations. Our superior customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to the highest quality positions us to deliver one-of-a-kind residences that are truly beyond remarkable.”

This Residence certainly represents these values.

This is just one of the countless luxury homes that Mr. Conville and Beacon have produced over the past 30 years. From remodels to full builds, small condos to expansive estates, Mike Conville is known for his ability to lend unrivaled elegance to any project.

Michael Conville

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